Machinery Movement & Installation

When you purchase any equipment or plant, one of the major concerns is the safe movement and positioning from delivery to final locations.

Think Lifting offer Plant Movement and Machinery Installation Services. This includes a full and comprehensive review of all site access & egress, the delivery and offload areas, and the final positioning location. The movement/installation could involve using a simple Pallet Truck or Skates, to a Fork Lift or a complete Crane Lifting Operation.

Throughout our many years of experience, we have installed all types of construction & industrial equipment, from basements to roof tops; in factories, hospitals, office blocks and public buildings.

Examples of Items/Equipment which we can Install:


Generators & CHP’s

Air Conditioning Units

Motors and Pumps


Construction Materials

Boats & Barges

Footbridges & Walkways

Thermal Stores



For any Plant Movement & Installation inquiries, please contact Think Lifting on 01227 742228.

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